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A Beach and a Camera


Since we’re still feeling for surfboards, we thought we’d take a spin through an underrated pastime: the surf film.

The classics are Endless Summer and the exhaustive doc Riding Giants, both of which are good to have on deck for your next Sunday afternoon. (They also both happen to be on repeat at Montauk’s Surf Lodge, if you’re passing through.)

But we’re talking about something a little more casual and a little less well known: the string of sun-dappled flicks that emerged out of acid-era southern California. They’re less about a coherent narrative than beautiful shots of surfers in mid-wave. We’ve gathered together a few of our favorites after the jump, for a little wave-riding by proxy.

Sea of Joy, classic surfer cool

Pacific Vibrations, frequently described as “like Woodstock on a wave”

The Cosmic Children lifting gently from Dave Brubeck

George Greenough, an influential surfer in his own right, anchoring down the trippy end of the spectrum with Crystal Voyager