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808s and Seersucker


Kanye West is one of the pricklier style icons out there, so it’s good to have a guide to exactly what he’s after. (Other than, you know, the blog.) And if his latest Ten Essentials are to be believed, a lot of it boils down to this seersucker dinner jacket.

In Mr. West’s words: “I could wear it in Hawaii with a t-shirt, I could wear it in New York with a dress shirt. It embodies everything I like to be and do in fashion, riding the line between luxury and casual. It speaks volumes.” We hate to say it…but he’s right.

Wearing a t-shirt under a suit jacket is hardly a sartorial feat, but when it’s this jacket, things get a lot more interesting. And there’s something to be said for taking an amazing item and wearing it in every context imaginable. If we’d just dropped a couple grand at Lanvin, we’d be excited too.