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2010’s Opening Number


It’s a new year, and while Carson Daly is beginning to bear an eerie resemblance to Dick Clark, it’s not all the same. If you happened to be huddled around a television Thursday night—quaint, we know—you may have been interrupted by the terrifying new Jay-Z video, “On to the Next One.” It’s a new year, all right…

Making a play for Kanye’s “Mad Bomber of Rap” crown, Hov piles up quick cuts, soundstage lighting circa ’96, and a genuinely unnerving amount of corpse makeup for a black-and-white spectacle of post-Gaga pop music. Trent Reznor might have something to say about its self-proclaimed freshness, but it’s certainly a long way from “Heart of the City,” and even farther from “Auld Lang Syne.” 2010 is in for some pretty wild dance parties.