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15 Cigarette Inventions That Didn’t Quite Stick

Nothing spawns innovation quite like a man’s vice, which is why we have off-track betting and interactive virtual masturbating devices. It’s also why a slew of patents were filed over the course of 75 years, all of which were designed to make cigarette smoking more... well, in many cases, just more. As such, we continue our report on the ridiculously fabulous golden age of the American smoker with:

15 Cigarette Inventions That Didn’t Quite Stick

The Lover, 1963

The Fag Nicotine-Withdrawing Syringe, 1937

The Two-Banger, 1945

The Cigarette Umbrella, 1931

The Factory, 1933

The Scientist, 1974

The Double-Ender, 1949

The Cigarette Chimney, 1953

The Pack-at-a-Timer, 1961

The Bum Guard, 1940

The Asher, 1953

The No-Look Lighter, 1950

The Masochistic Mastectomy Ashtray, 1939

The Extender, 1953

The Cheese Filter, 1966