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10 More Iconic On-Screen Accessories

  • Kempt Staff


Monday, Slate named Cary Grant’s sunglasses in To Catch a Thief the coolest thing ever worn on screen.

And while we’ll agree that those are some damn cool shades, we must take exception to such a patently absurd blanket statement. Even if you were to limit it to accessories, it misses the mark when taking stock of history’s most stylish on-screen accoutrements—the watches, the sunglasses, the Stetsons—that over time have become just as iconic as the character who wore them.

So we’ve gone ahead and rounded up 10 of our favorites.

1009_Slate_11James Dean’s lucky pocket watch in East of Eden.

1009_Slate_2Farley Granger’s lighter in Stranger on a Train.

1009_Slate_3Harrison Ford’s Alden boots in Indiana Jones.

1009_Slate_4Tom Cruise’s aviators in Top Gun.

1009_Slate_5Dan Aykroyd and Jim Belushi’s Wayfarers in The Blues Brothers.

1009_Slate_6Steve McQueen’s Persols in The Thomas Crown Affair.

1009_Slate_7Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monaco in Le Mans.

1009_Slate_9Johnny Depp’s cigarette holder in Fear and Loathing.

1009_Slate_8Ryan Gosling’s Patek Philippe in Drive.

1009_Slate_10John Wayne’s Stetson in... everything.

And if you think we’ve made any glaring omissions of our own, feel free to tweet us your picks: @GetKempt.