Most of the pictures we see are picked up on the fly, so it’s good to see something with some institutional weight behind it.

The Sony World Photography Awards just announced their top picks for the year, culled from more than 60,000 snaps overall, and the result is definitely worth a look. Naturally, we couldn’t resist a quick glimpse at the above pic from Piotr Fajfer, the winner for best professional fashion photography—what is it with designers and crows?—but there’s plenty more where that came from.

swpa1_crop.jpgDave Zimmerman, USA, Landscape
swpa2_crop.jpgMichael van den Bogaard, Germany, Architecture
swpa3_crop.jpgWojciech Grzedzinski, Poland, Current Affairs
swpa4_crop.jpgDavid Watts, UK, Amateur Architecture



  • Russell Brandom