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We’re Caring for Our Beards Now, for You

  • Geoff Rynex
We’re Caring for Our Beards Now, for You

Some of us at Kempt have beards. Some full-time, some part-time. But frankly, we’re not beard fetishists. We don’t own closets dedicated to care products. We don’t even use them most of the time. To us, it goes against the real spirit of beard-having (the one that came after having them for warmth) to get too precious about it. If you’re spending time in public wondering whether your beard looks a little dry or if there’s a stray hair or two, you’ve missed the point. That said, we don’t endorse the feral beast look either, and we’re not about to deny you knowledge that could be vital to your grooming future. So, in the name of science, Kempt is going on a multi-month journey of pileous discovery through the most bearded months of the year. We’re going to try every oil, cream, comb, wax and potential laser wand we can get our hands on, and let you know how each is working out, so they can then, in turn, work out for you.

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