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To the Rafters: The Best Clothes We’ve Ever Worn

  • Kempt Staff
To the Rafters: The Best Clothes We’ve Ever Worn

Clothes are so simple. Just fabric and stitching. And most of them stay that way. You buy an oxford you love in the store, but it ends up fitting funny in the shoulders and never finds a favored spot in the rotation. A T-shirt’s waist stretches after the first wash. Pants you buy online just don’t go perfectly with anything you own in real life. You wear them, because they still look pretty good, and you have to wear clothes. But they’re never more than fabric and stitching.

Then there are the favorites. The ones that become set pieces on the slow cinema work that is your life. Something you wore one time when the incredible happened, or all the time, when nothing much happened at all. Whatever the case may be, somehow, they gain meaning. Stretched hems and too-short sleeves become character points. Holes become history. Fades become wisdom. And these clothes become you.

All this rhapsody is to say that, recently, the Kempt brain trust was shooting the shit about our favorite all-time articles of clothing—the ones whose numbers we’d retire—and we thought we’d share our tales.

Get in on this with us.